Monday, March 21, 2011

From here to there in no time FLAT

There's nothing sexy about moving or moving companies {well there might be something sexy about movers, but that's an entirely different blog entry}, but if you've ever had to move you understand how hard it is to find a reasonably priced professional moving company.  If you chose the wrong movers, the moving process can scar you for life; leaving dark memories of broken/missing valuables, curiously misshapen boxes, men with plumbers pants who are perpetually on break, and a final bill that is a large multiple of your estimate.

I have had to move way to many times in my young adult life.  I've gone it alone, used friends, had a premium moving company {not my dime}, been moved by the government and only recently, researched and found a moving company for which I paid.  This last time, I not only was moving an entire house, but I was moving out of state into a storage facility. 

I had seen FlatRate's moving trucks around the city and I like the concept of knowing what my move was going to cost up front.  I'm pretty sure only the moving company wins if the price is determined AFTER they have your stuff on the truck.  The moving consultant came to our house and looked at everything we were moving, heard the details of where we were moving to, entered all the information into his handy dandy computer and printed out a detailed estimate for me right there on the spot. 

Suprisingly it wasn't too bad.  But of course I had to negotiate.  In the end, the price was fantastic AND I knew it was final.

On the day of my move, my moving team showed up on time and ready to work.  They were all young and strong and, more importantly, focused, courteous and professional.  They took such good care of my things and were in and out quicker than I thought was possible. 

When they arrived on the other end, we all stood around eyeing my storage facility with disbelief.  I couldn't imagine getting a truck and a half into that space.  But the head mover packed that space so perfectly I even had a bit of room to spare.

Unfortunately, for some of you, FlatRate is only in the New York, Los Angeles, Miami, DC and San Francisco metropolitan areas.  But if you do live in one of these metropolises check them out for your next move so that you {and your belongings} won't be left Flat.

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