Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Houzz It Look?

Houzz- Kitchen Design, Bathroom Design and More»

I love love LOVE this site!  We are in the process of moving and will hopefully be building a house and this site is the perfect place for me to look for and collect design ideas.  I still enjoy leafing through magazines, but if you're going to do multiple spaces {or a whole house!} the cutting and collecting can be a bit overwhelming and cumbersome.

Houzz has some great design ideas AND you can add your own. Just install the browser plug-in.  So if your browsing the web and come across a picture of a space that looks great, you can add it to the Houzz Community {and your ideabook}. 

The feature I like best is the ability to search by geographical area. I assume what that does is to show you designs for houses in your area of the country.  For instance, while I would love a full outdoor kitchen and an open sunroom off my living room, I don't think that will work in the northeast {do those palm trees come with the stone patio?!?}.  You can also search by style -- traditional, contemporary, eclectic, farm, etc. -- and by the room in your home -- kitchen, bath, bedroom, etc.

Here's a link to my's a work in progress :)

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