Wednesday, September 8, 2010

D.I.Y. {or have someone else do it}

Not many people are flipping houses today -- which would make this economical way to refinish hardwood floors a great find if you were -- but we are still in a reces... um I mean, economically-challenging time.  That's why when we decided to pull up all the carpet in our new home and expose the wood floors underneath, we called Mr. Sandless.  We had a newborn and were anxious to move-in quickly, and the thought of all the dust from, and the long process of, refinishing our floors the traditional way was just too much for us.  In my search of an alternative I found Mr. Sandless.  

Two guys came out and in one day they had completely transformed our floors from spotted, dull and motley, to gleaming new looking wood flooring.  Three years and two kids later, our floors still look fantastic!

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