Monday, March 12, 2012

Pots Galore

Finding the right pot can require real trial and error. Now days, you cannot even rely on brand names to assure you that your pot won't be second rate. Gone are the days where pots can last you a lifetime {my parents still own and use pots they received when they were married}. Unless you make the right choice.

It seems most cookware brands have a 2nd or 3rd string line that may seem like a bargain....until you get it home. My suggestion is never buy a pot sight unseen. And don't be fooled by all the big names in cooking {or entertaining} who have been flooding the market with branded cookware. Just because they cook well, doesn't mean "their" pot is good. Most of them probably don't even use their own pots, they just license their name.

My favorite brands are All-Clad and Le Creuset. Unfortunately, even these 2 giants in cooking now have 3rd string lines. An easy rule of thumb is to stay away from anything that is coated - anodized, non-stick. I have yet to find a non-stick or anodized line of cookware that is worthy. 

Stainless is what I use for everyday cooking. But my dream cookware is copper. Copper cookware is not only beautiful, it makes cooking delicate recipes a breeze because the heat is so evenly distributed throughout the pot or pan. The only downside is that it can be difficult to clean and can be extremely heavy.

The best of both worlds is stainless with a copper core. While you don't have the beauty of copper, it's great for every day use because it cleans easily, is lighter weight but has the heat conduction of copper

If you want your cooking to start off on the right foot, start by having the right equipment..... remember it's all in the pot!