Thursday, January 13, 2011

In search of the perfect plush

There are only a few things I obsess {oh yes!}, gadgets {oh iPhone, iPad, MacBook how I love thee, let me count the ways}, food {live to eat, not eat to live} and a few other things.  But probably the weirdest obsession I have is with towels.  Bath towels and wash cloths to be precise.

I have been searching for quite a while for the perfect combination of plush, thirst and durability.  A towel that starts out soft and full, soaking up water instantly, and remains that way wash after wash.  I can literally walk through a store running my hands along the towels and know if they potentially have what it takes.

For a while I thought that 100% Turkish Cotton towels were what I was looking for.  But unfortunately they all are not created equal and sometimes the only way to know that is to buy and wash them for a month or so.  

I also thought my search was over when I found a set of Hotel Collection towels at my mother's house.  I knew that they were not new, but they still felt amazing!  I happened to be at a friends house who had hand towels out and after using it I knew that it too was part of Hotel Collection's line, and sure it enough it was.

Thinking my life long quest was over, I hit the internet doing a visual search for these towels.  I found some that looked right so I ordered them.  Unfortunately, they were wrong wrong wrong.  When I took them back to the store I was told that the company discontinued the style that I was seeking and were no selling this new {lesser quality} style.

So the search continues.....

{Post a comment if you have a towel brand that you love!  I will try any and everything in search of plush perfection ☺}